Pregnancy: Recommendations for the first trimester

Each woman is wrestling, waiting for the child. Pregnancy includes three trimesters. The very first one is the most difficult and dangerous period. A woman is asked what to do, how to eat and when toxicosis will end, which is very manifested at this time. It is not possible to immediately understand that the woman is in a pleasant position, as the pregnancy gives himself only in a couple of weeks. Now you need to take care of yourself and about your baby and prepare for the fact that the first 3 months will be difficult and not allow to relax.
Changes that occur in the body of a woman in the first trimester.
• Toxicosis appears for about 5 weeks, less often on week. I mention any products in front of the future mom, it begins to sick. It is impossible to get rid of this feeling, but you can reduce the pressure. It is necessary to eat a little, to sleep more, drink enough liquid, walking in nature, airing the room and do not move sharply.
• Frequent urge to the toilet. The uterus is stretched due to the growth of the fetus and presses the abdomen.
• Figure. Changes occur in the chest, the bra becomes small, the bust is heavy and swells. Milk glands are actively increasing to give milk for a child in the future. Sometimes moms lose weight due to toxicosis.
Power - the basis of the initial stage of pregnancy. There are prohibitions for products. To protect the fruit, you need to go to the useful and proper nutrition. It is worth abandoning fat, salty, acute and sweet food.
A visit to the doctor is necessary on the early term to follow the condition of the child and mom make sure that the pregnancy is normal. With any painful symptoms and sensations, it is better to immediately contact the hospital.
Recommendations of doctors on the first trimester of pregnancy.
• Do not raise things up to 2 kilograms. It can badly affect the baby.
• Hot baths, solar strikes are dangerous for pregnant women.
• To beware of nervous disruptions and stress. The mood is changing. For one minute you can feel and joy and anxiety.
• Love classes, if individually they are not prohibited by a doctor.
• Learn to stand right and walk to not feel pain in the lower back.
• Adjust meals, enrich it with fiber due to the possibility of the appearance of constipation.
• Drink herbal soothing teas with lavender, rosehip and mint.
The first trimester is the most excited and irritable period in the life of a pregnant woman. It is not aware of all changes and draws attention to each of them. It is important to rest a lot and not nervous to keep your health and baby. All real reviews about Russian dating platform Mamba on . Read them now!