Tips for passing the game Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Passage of the game # 011


The entry point is located next to the observation platform marked with the game.

You can get to the point of the review in several ways. One of the easiest - climb the roof of the building and then find the window (input) near the marked point.

IMPORTANT: You can get into the room to the doctor in two ways: the key obtained (nurser reason) or switches the body (the reason for the young doctor). The method described below allows you to use both cases and perform side tasks.

The entrance is above the nurse.

At the end of the cat scene, make a nurse. You will find it near the entrance point - exit the building through the nearest window and jump below. On the left you should now notice the nurse icon - enter the room through the window above and talk to it.

The target holding the key goes on the main staircase.

Your goal is to steal the key. You will find a person with a key in the main part of the building. He often goes on the stairs. Wait for it at the right time (for example, when it returns upstairs or on the balcony above), watching several other enemies (if you are afraid that you can detect you can easily and silently destroy some of them). After theft, you will receive the main key that will allow you to open a previously closed door. Return to the nurse and release it.

The next step will be morgue. You can do this from the place where you freed the nurse - choose the first corridor on the left, then turn left at its end (one turned into the other side of the enemy on the way, the other in the corridor). If you have a LockPicking II skill, you will open the door at the end of the road - they lead to the room, full guests. Passing through this door, you will see the morgue on the left (if you do not have the necessary skills, you can also get there on another road, through the first floor).

Important: If you do not want to use the second time to kill the doctor in a special way, you do not need to go to the morgue (however, you miss the side goal). In the corridor mentioned above (first turn left of the location of the nurse), you will find the door, in the middle, on the right side. You can open it with the key, kill the doctor and escape along the same road, not being discovered.

The corridor leading to the morgue. Two marked enemy are associated with an internship.

Be careful in the corridor leading to the morgue, there are many opponents. It is best to go along the main corridor a bit on the left side (the only opponent behind the pile of clothes), and then in the last room kill two "researchers", turning back to you (the side goal). Finally, go to the bottom.

By killing enemies, it will be easier to move the body.

You will come across one enemy in the corridor, and the other in the room. It is best to neutralize them, it will facilitate the movement of the body. The body is in the last room, lift it up and throw it into the nearest closet. If you killed two previously mentioned enemies, you will have a clean path. Then lie to the place of the corpse. Best free resume online for any job positions on .